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Gläsner Sandstrahl Maschinenbau GmbH

The firm of Gläsner Sandstrahl Maschinenbau GmbH is a mid-size business in specialised machinery construction. Our firm constructs sandblasting plants from the smallest pieces of equipment for manual work and trades to large-scale plants for industry. With our highly qualified workforce we have worked our way up to become a market leader.

In 2019 you’ll find us and our products at the following trade fairs.
We would very much like to be able to welcome you to our exhibition stand.

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  • Gläsner SUPER BABY
    The units in the SUPER BABY model range have a large, upwardly opening
    swing door which gives access to the blasting chamber and allows easy
    insertion of the workpieces to be blasted.

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  • Containers
    As manufacturers of sandblasting halls and equipment for blasting
    chambers, we and our team offer you problem-solving tailored to your
    specific requirements and individually elaborated.

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  • Junior 40 Blasting Unit
    The JUNIOR 40 model is a very handy piece of equipment for various
    application options. It works with a suction system in which the
    blasting agent is suctioned into the nozzle head by compressed air
    (injector effect).

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  • Dust Filter Plants
    The filter housing is made of solid sheet steel reinforced with a profile steel
    frame. Equipped with entry and exit openings for both the dust-laden
    and filtered air.

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  • Blasting Plants
    Automatic blaster for blasting flat glass with conveyor
    belt transport mechanism, support roller guide, motor. Nozzle movement, continuously
    variable, attached dust filter plant and electronic control.

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