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Model Range: Gläsner GLASMATIC – Injector Sandblasting Cabinet

Housing of 2 mm sheet steel, with complete blasting agent recovery,  with discharge vessel for rapid switch of blasting agent, with  interior lighting of blasting space, with brush slits at front, approx. 600  mm long for optimum working of glass objects, with three brush slits at side and top for easy insertion of parts to be  blasted, with locking feeders at side for dustproof  closing of cabinet during blasting procedure, with normal blasting head and  blasting gun with hand lever, with all necessary compressed air  and blasting agent hoses, with large Plexiglas door (750 x 400 mm) for  optimum visibility, with integrated filter unit (residual emission < 5  mg/m³).



Technical Data
Workspace Width 1.000 mm
Workspace Depth 500 mm
Workspace Height 800 mm
Total Width of Cabinet 1.100 mm
Total Width of Cabinet
 (with side arms and roller conveyor)
2.100 mm
Total Depth of Cabinet: 1.200 mm
Total Height of Cabinet
 (including exh. motor)
1.850 mm
 Includes two lateral and upper slits with brush sealing and locking feeders with rubber sealing including integrated dust filter unit 0.55 kW, fully ready for use

  Further technical data for this unit can be found in the

Gläsner pamphlet GLASMATIC (*.pdf - 119,07 KB)

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Our “Super Glasmatic” model injector-blasting cabinet is particularly distinguished by its compact construction and simple operation. The discharge vessel permits rapid switches of the blasting agent and complete blasting agent recovery.