Sandblasting guns

Large selection of sandblasting guns

Large injector blasting head

For connecting to blasting agent reservoirs or in cabinets
Comprising: Bayonet lock, air nozzle, blasting nozzles, optionally in 10, 12 or 14 mm as well as attachment cone with boron carbide insert, for longest service life and high blasting performance, compressed air and blasting agent connection


Injector sandblasting gun

For connecting to blasting agent reservoirs, comprising:
Robust mixing chamber made of cast iron, precision hand lever valve, air nozzle, compressed air and blasting agent connection, blasting nozzle optionally in 4, 5, 6 or 7 mm

with blasting nozzle made of hardened steel
with blasting nozzle with carbide insert
with blasting nozzle with boron carbide insert


High performance – Injector – Blasting gun

Power model! For maximum blasting power!
For connecting to blasting agent reservoirs.

Robust steel mixing chamber, high-performance hand lever valve with max. compressed air outlet, regulating valve, air nozzle made of tungsten carbide Ø 6 mm, high-performance blasting nozzle with tungsten carbide insert Ø 13 mm

Compressed air consumption: approx. 2 m3/min at 6 bar operating pressure
Compressed air connection nozzle: 19 mm
Blasting agent connection nozzle: 25 mm

Hochleistungs- – Injektor – Strahlpistole

Rapid sandblasting gun

Ideally suited for all small and indeed the smallest blasting jobs; always ready for use within seconds.
Very low compressed air consumption, so that the sandblasting gun can be operated with small compressors.

Sandstrahlpistole Rasant

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