Wet blasting cabinets


The Aquablast wet blasting cabinet is a combination plant that degreases various types of workpiece but treats them gently. The water/blasting mixture is housed in the sump of the cabinet. This blasting agent mixture is suctioned via an innovative centrifugal pump made of wear-resistant polyurethane. Additional, adjustable, compressed air is added at the blasting nozzle to achieve an optimal surface finish. Once it has impacted the workpiece, the blasting agent mixture flows back into the cabinet’s sump and thus ensures blasting agent circulation. The finely ground blasting agent is floated off out of the sump and guided to a band filter on the back of the cabinet.


Advantages of the wet blasting process:

  • Dust-free process
  • Gentle surface treatment
  • Simultaneous degreasing and blasting
  • Water serves as a lubricant between the workpiece and blasting agent
  • Low blasting agent consumption
  • Prevents roughness on soft surfaces

Typical uses:

  • Degreasing/surface finishing of workpieces in the
    automotive, aviation and plastics industry
  • Cleaning of moulds and tools
    Removal of paint residues, rust, carbonates, oil slag
  • Surface pretreatment
  • Satin finish of stainless steel and other metals
  • Fettling of machine parts and much more

Good visibility due to wipers and water rinsing device. Safety glass. Very light, wear-free blasting guns. Replaceable blast nozzles made of silicone carbide or boron carbide.

Service-friendly complete with feed pump, removable 2.2 kW/2800 rpm motor.

Technische Daten

Dimensions: W x D x H
Modell 915915 x 880 x 1891
Modell 12151215 x 1180 x 1891
Modell 15151515 x 1480 x 2041
Electrics430 Volt Drehstrom
oder 230 Volt
Compressed air7 bar, 1,14 m3 / Min. / Anschluss: ½“
Water2 – 6 bar / Anschluss: ½“
Waste Waterca. 10 l / Min.
Ventilation110 mm
Blasting Agent Reservoir Capacity
Modell 915Wasser 50 l, Strahlmittel 15 kg
Modell 1215Wasser 100 l, Strahlmittel 25 kg
Modell 1515Wasser 150 l, Strahlmittel 25 kg
Weight of Workpiece
Modell 91580 / 100 kg
Modell 1215250 kg
Modell 1515250 kg

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