Special plants

Special plants

We respond to your requests and develop special plants that meet your needs. You save time and money through the efficient blasting of your parts.

Electrically driven turntables or rotating baskets, oscillating devices, rail tracks, roller conveyors and several blasting heads. Semi or fully automatic. Many combinations are possible.
We are happy to advise you.

Combination cabinet

This cabinet is suitable for multiple applications. It is equipped with an electric rotating basket for the blasting of small parts. In addition, this system has another blasting head, an electrical rotary table and a horizontal oscillating device.

Ready for many applications.

Turntable systems

with automatic door lifting device and oscillation

This special system was developed for the blasting of panels. The large turntable is loaded with plates positioned vertically on the outer edge. These plates are simultaneously blasted very efficiently from the inside and outside by means of an adjustable rotary movement as well as slowly adjustable oscillation (up and down).

Double turntable cabinet

Turntable system with two turntables, two automatic door lifting devices, one oscillation and two powerful large blasting heads.

This system has two rail tracks with two mobile turntables. While one side is loaded with a blasting part, another part can be blasted inside the cabinet on the driven turntable.

Continuous system for wire

This system is equipped with eight normal blasting heads that can blast various types of wire very efficiently.

Continuous blasting unit for profiles

Six normal blasting heads and two lateral roller conveyors make this system ideal for blasting different profiles.

Blasting unit for corrugated surface with oscillation

This special system is used for blasting corrugated surfaces of different lengths. The corrugated surface is efficiently blasted by oscillation, automatic rotation and blasting by means of two automatic, high-performance, large blasting heads. A further manual large blasting head can be added.

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