Sandblasting containers and rooms

Sandblasting containers, blasting rooms and blasting halls

Sandblasting containers

A very compact (and, on request, mobile) blasting room option.

Normal standard sea containers are converted into a blasting room. Common sizes are 6 or 12 metre containers. The variant with a utility room inside the container is very common, so that the entire blasting container can be moved or delivered to another location. Only electricity and compressed air need to be connected.

A range of variants are possible: From the simple equipment with extraction and blasting tank up to the fully automatic blasting agent recovery by means of flat conveyor floor, bucket elevator, etc.

Blasting rooms/blasting halls

Similar to containers, blasting rooms and blasting halls are also part of our delivery programme. Unlike the container, these are not mobile but can be built in the desired size.

Existing rooms can be converted into blasting rooms. We can retrofit the blasting room equipment here. However, if no room is available, we can also supply the appropriate blasting room in the desired size for installation in an existing hall.

We are happy to offer advice and find the right solution for you.

Container innen
Container Zeichnung

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