Microblast fine pressure blasting unit

Microblast fine pressure blasting unit

For use as a free blasting unit or as a retrofit kit for an existing blasting cabinet.

Ideal for the precise machining of small and miniature parts.

This is the ideal piece of equipment for blasting small and indeed the smallest glass and metal surfaces for matting, fettling, cleaning, polishing and drilling.

All mineral media such as corundum, glass beads, cullet, silicium, walnut and plastic granules in the grain size range of 0–300 μ can be used as blasting agents.

There is a selection of carbide nozzles with a diameter of 0.8 mm, 1.0 or 1.2 mm for various requirements.


Technical data

Width250 mm
Depth120 mm
heigth300 mm
weigth (without Blasting agent filling)2,7 kg

Delivery includes:

  • Blasting agent pressure container capacity of 0.8 l (1 container system) with cover flap
  • Pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge for setting a constant blasting pressure
  • Compressed air connection with plug-in nipple, oil/water separator with condensate drain
  • Housed in a well-designed sheet steel casing
  • Paintwork (beige)
  • 1 blasting hose approx. 1000 mm long, with nozzle holder and carbide blasting nozzle (nozzle size on request)
  • Pneumatic foot switch for switching the blasting process on and off
  • Connection hoses to the fine blasting unit, 2,000 mm long
  • Bracket for holding the nozzle holder

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