High-performance pressure blasting system

The blasting cabinets in the DSK-Eco series have considerable advantages over conventional units:

  • Very high blasting power
  • Controllable material consumption
  • Particularly easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Environmentally friendly working conditions

Due to the pressure blasting unit permanently installed underneath with a capacity of 13 litres (larger pressure units are available on request), the pressure of the input air is fully effective as the blasting pressure. This also enables the blasting agent to circulate without any additional equipment. The maximum blasting output achieved in this way is about 10x higher than with the injector system. Depending on the installed nozzle size, the compressed air consumption is approx. 600 to 4000 litres/min (at a pressure of 3 to 6 bar).

The extraction capacity of the filter system can be further regulated by means of laterally installed supply air rosettes.

The pressure blasting unit has a volume of 13 litres and is equipped with a new type of blasting agent/compressed air metering device, which enables precise adjustment of the blasting agent/compressed air mixture. Moreover, the blasting agent cannot seize up.

The DSK-Eco series units have a two-part sectional door that opens upwards by means of a gas pressure spring mechanism. This design frees up the entire blasting chamber and enables the effortless insertion of larger workpieces.

Even bulky and heavy parts can be easily inserted with a crane or forklift.

We have also redesigned the lighting of our blasting cabinet. Instead of the previous strip lights that were located in the working area of the cabinet, we have now arranged the lighting outside the cabinet. Reflector lighting illuminates the entire working area intensively and without any glare.

At the same time, lamp wear is reduced to a minimum. We now also use reflector bulbs that are extremely energy efficient.

In addition, the blasting chamber is lined with light-coloured special rubber at the vulnerable points of the cabinet walls, which greatly reduces wear and improves noise protection.

The extremely robust cabinet (powder-coated inside and outside in RAL 7040) is a plant for larger and the most demanding applications.

Air consumption table for various normal nozzle sizes

Please consult the following air consumption table and indicate the desired blast nozzle bore or, optionally, the extraction rate and motor rate of your existing compressor system when ordering.

Drilling-Diameter4 bar5 bar6 bar
5,0 mm1,161,421,62 m 3/min.
6,0 mm1,682,042,32 m 3/min.
7,0 mm2,973,624,12 m 3/min.
8,0 mm4,635,656,44 m 3/min.
DSK-Eco 1000DSK-Eco 1250DSK-Eco 1500DSK-Eco 2000
Workspace width1000 mm1250 mm1500 mm2000 mm
Workspace depth900 mm900 mm1150 mm1150 mm
Workspace heigth900 mm900 mm900 mm900 mm
Total width1300 mm1500 mm1800 mm2300 mm
Total depth1750 mm1750 mm2000 mm2000 mm
Total heigth2200 mm2200 mm2200 mm2200 mm
Weigth400 kg470 kg550 kg750 kg

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