Injector table blast cabinet

Robust sheet steel design with attached dust filter system and automatic blasting agent circulation:

  • Compact and attractive construction
  • Very simple operation
  • Low material consumption
  • Highly efficient dust removal
  • Rational working method
  • Environmentally friendly working conditions with no dust pollution
  • Controllable material consumption

The plant is delivered with CE marking and technical documentation in accordance with the requirements of

  • DIN EN 292 – Part 1
  • VDI 4500.

The units in the SUPER BABY range have a large swing door that opens upwards to provide access to the blasting chamber and allows easy insertion of the workpieces to be blasted.

The collecting hopper for the blasting agent which is mounted underneath enables circulation of the blasting agent without additional equipment. The blasting agent control device is used to conveniently regulate and change the blasting material.
A built-in nozzle holder, an injector blasting head with hardened air and blasting nozzle (manually operated) and a work rack in the unit guarantee uncomplicated operation.
An impact-resistant, beam-protected strip light illuminates the entire workspace. The rectangular construction and uniquely low design height are further advantages.
The unit is supplied with:

  • all necessary compressed air and abrasive hoses
  • high-performance blast dust separator, consisting of a special blasting dust extractor with directly attached three-phase drive motor (380 V) and ascending sifter
  • fine dust filter cartridge and cyclone pre-separator installed
  • safety switch (blasting process stops automatically when the cabinet door is opened)

A special construction with 2 star handles, which can be loosened by hand without tools, allows for easy replacement of the pane in the cabinet door.


The work openings are equipped with multiple rubber sleeves that prevent dust or blasting agent from escaping to the outside.
A draught control system allows perfect utilisation of the extraction system even with finer blasting agents to extract only the dust-laden air in the blasting cabinet.
The cabinet is equipped with an inspection door for quick inspection of the filter cartridge and has a VDE standard switch box attached with motor protection switch, on/off button, solenoid valve, pilot lights, switch for interior lighting, main switch, emergency stop switch, contactor control, built-in pressure reducing valve with pressure gauge for exact adjustment and reading of the blasting pressure as well as compressed air connections 13 mm (1/2″).

Super-Baby 2Super-Baby 3
Workspace width600 mm850 mm
Workspace depth500 mm550 mm
Workspace height450 mm500 mm
Total width of cabinet760 mm1020 mm
Total depth of cabinet800 mm1000 mm
Total height of cabinet1260 mm1420 mm
Weight130 kg150 kg
Extractor motor rating0,55 kW0,55 kW
Door size315 x 530 mm450 x 830 mm
Filter surface area
of fine dust filter cartridge
3 m²8 m²
Cyclone pre-separator1 pc.2 pc.

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