Dust-free sandblasting

This injector blasting recirculation system combines the highest level of technology with a modern design. It is the preferred system for use in small blasting work and glass decoration. The advantage is a closed blasting agent circulation which enables dust-free work (of particular interest for sandblasting work on objects already installed).


  • Thorough cleaning of the workpieces
  • Time-saving as no disassembly is required
  • Energy-saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No staining or brushing

The Multi Clean Master 3000 system is the solution for blasting small areas on large parts or machines that cannot be disassembled or transported into a blasting room. Thanks to the extremely light and compact design, it can also be used on building sites, scaffolding or pipelines, for example. This system also offers an alternative to cleaning with toxic chemicals or to costly grinding or brushing work. Thorough cleaning or the removal of rust, scale and similar deposits can also be carried out without the need for time-consuming and costly dismantling.

The delivery includes:

  • complete injector blasting recirculation unit, mobile version,
  • oil and water separator including pressure reducing valve with pressure gauge for setting a constant blasting pressure,
  • high-performance blasting gun with brush attachment,
  • 2.5-metre blasting agent extraction hose,
  • 5.0-metre connection cable with plug
  • 25 kg corundum 70

Technical data

Operating pressure2 – 8 bar
Blasting nozzle made of hardened steel8 mm
Air consumption300–800 litre/min (depending on blasting pressure)
Blasting pressure2 – 8 bar
Blasting agent contentapprox. 10–15 kg
Turbine rating2000 watts with 2 extraction motors or 1000 watts with 1 extraction motor
Voltage220 V/50 Hz.
Blasting extraction hose13 mm ID, 2.5 metres
Compressed air hose½“ , 5 metres
Empty weight25 kg
Dimensions500 mm D x 570 mm W x 1000 mm H

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