Junior 40

Injector sandblasting unit

The JUNIOR 40 is a small, portable sandblasting unit which is a very handy piece of equipment capable of dealing with a wide range of applications. It uses a suction system that suctions the blasting agent into the nozzle head by compressed air (injector effect). The expelled blasting agent goes into the sand reservoir for recycling by means

of the vibrating sieve insert (available as an option).
Low-wear precision sandblasting gun with air valve, air nozzle, removable mixing chamber, blasting nozzle made of hardened steel, nozzle size Ø 7 mm, incl. 4 metre compressed air hose.

Under normal working conditions, the sand reservoir of the JUNIOR 40 model holds enough for an uninterrupted blasting period of some 10 to 15 minutes. All dry blasting agents such as slag abrasives, glass beads, corundum, silicon, glass beads, chilled casting sand, etc. can be used depending on the desired surface.

The compressed air consumption of this small, handy universal unit is very low at approx. 250–800 litre/min, so that this model can be operated with any standard workshop compressor.

Junior 40 technical data:

  • Blasting agent reservoir capacity: 40 litres
  • Blasting agent reservoir height: 800 mm
  • Blasting agent reservoir Ø: 330 mm
  • Compressed air consumption (depending on nozzle size and blasting pressure): 250–800 l/min
Junior 40

Air consumption table

for various normal nozzles

Please consult the following air consumption table and indicate the desired blasting nozzle bore or, optionally, the extraction rate and motor rating of your existing compressor system when ordering.

Air nozzleBlasting nozzleCompressed air consumption
2,0 mm5,0 mm250 – 300 Ltr./Min.
2,5 mm6,0 mm350 – 400 Ltr./Min.
3,0 mm7,0 mm400 – 500 Ltr./Min.
3,5 mm7,0 mm600 – 700 Ltr./Min.
4,0 mm8,0 mm800 – 1000 Ltr./Min.

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