Injektor 80 Power

Injector 80 Power model

The Injector 80 Power model is a very handy device for a variety of applications. It works according to the suction system whereby the compressed air suctions the blasting agent into the nozzle head (injector effect). The expelled blasting agent can be filled into the sand container for reuse via the removable vibrating sieve insert (available as an option) and fed to the blasting nozzle.

Depending on the desired surface, all dry blasting agents can be used, such as slag abrasives, glass beads, corundum, silicon, glass beads, chilled casting sand, etc.

Injektor 80 Power

Mobile sandblasting unit

  • Complete blasting agent reservoir made of robust sheet steel
  • Mobile design with 2 solid rubber wheels and transport handle
  • Low-wear, high-performance sandblasting gun with robust steel mixing chamber, high-performance hand lever valve with max. compressed air outlet, regulating valve, air nozzle made of carbide Ø 6 mm, high-performance blasting nozzle with carbide insert Ø 13 mm, compressed air consumption: approx. 2 m³/min at 6 bar operating pressure
  • 5 m sandblasting hose 25 mm ID
  • Blasting control unit completely assembled and ready for operation
  • 5 m compressed air hose 19 mm ID and hose coupling


Blasting agent reservoir capacity80 litres
Blasting agent reservoir height1100 mm
Blasting agent reservoir Ø400 mm
Weight (empty)15 kg

Vibrating sieve insert for sieving out the blasting agent (optional)

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