GSK manual blasting cabinets

Super Glasmatic

Our Super Glasmatic model features:

  • Compact, appealing construction
  • Easiest operation
  • Low material consumption
  • Optimum use of space
  • Highly efficient dust removal
  • Rational working method
  • Environmentally friendly working conditions with no dust pollution
  • Controllable material consumption
Super Glasmatic

Housing of 2 mm sheet steel, with complete blasting agent recovery, discharge vessel for rapid change of blasting agent, interior lighting of the blasting chamber, brush slots at the front, approx. 600 mm long for optimum working of glass objects, three brush slots at the side and top for easy insertion of the parts to be blasted, locking feeders at the side for dustproof closing of the cabinet during the blasting process, normal blasting head and blasting gun with hand lever, all the necessary compressed air and blasting agent hoses, large Plexiglas door (750 x 400 mm) for optimum visibility, integrated filter unit (residual emission < 5 mg/m³).

Technical data

Workspace width1000 mm
Workspace depth500 mm
Workspace height800 mm
Total width of cabinet1100 mm
Total width of cabinet (with side arms and roller conveyor)2100 mm
Total depth of cabinet1200 mm
Total height of cabinet (including extractor motor)
including two lateral and upper slits with
brush sealing and locking feeders with
rubber sealing, including integrated dust filter unit
0.55 kW, fully ready for use
1850 mm

Special equipment

Optional: Support frame with roller conveyor inside the blasting cabinet and 500 mm on each side, outside the plant.

GSK 2, GSK 3

Injector blasting cabinets of the GSK model series made of 3 mm sheet steel with attached dust filter system and automatic circulation of the blasting agent.

The glass blasting cabinets are manufactured in a robust sheet steel design. The manually-operated injector blasting gun enables the blasting agent to circulate with no additional equipment. The compressed air consumption is approx. 100–1,000 l/min depending on the installed nozzle size (at a pressure of 2–10 bar).

In addition to a collecting basin for the blasting agent and practical observation windows with easily exchangeable viewing panes, the units have two large work openings through which every point in the blasting cabinet can be reached. For inserting flat glass plates, the blasting cabinet is provided with insertion slits on both sides and on the top surface, which are protected with special brushes to prevent the escape of dust. An easy-to-open loading door on the front of the cabinet enables effortless insertion of hollow glass objects.

GSK 2, GSK 3

A fitted work rack and two shockproof strip lights, which provide the entire interior with glare-free illumination, guarantee a smooth workflow with these units. The equally practical foot switch, a quick changer for the blasting agent as well as an attached switch box with integrated pressure regulator and pressure gauge, motor circuit breaker, on/off switch, solenoid valve, control lights, interior lighting switch, main switch, emergency stop switch and protective control ensure uncomplicated operation.

The units are supplied complete in the version described (with all the necessary compressed air and blasting agent hoses, high-performance blasting dust separator, consisting of a special blasting dust extractor with directly attached three-phase drive motor, mini-cyclone pre-separator to relieve the fine dust filter cartridge, with dust drawer and outlet connection for the clean air.

Technical data

ModellGSK 2GSK 3
Workspace width1000 mm1000 mm
Workspace depth700 mm700 mm
Workspace height1500 mm2000 mm
Total depth of cabinet1600 mm1600 mm
Total height of cabinet2200 mm2700 mm
Total width of cabinet
(including Rail)
2000 mm2000 mm
Extractor motor rating1,1 kW, 380 V1,1 kW, 380 V

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