• Compact and attractive construction
  • Very simple operation
  • Low material consumption
  • Optimum use of space
  • Highly efficient dust removal
  • Rational working method
  • Environmentally friendly working conditions with no dust pollution
  • Controllable material consumption

The units have a new type of two-part, sectional door that opens upwards by a gas pressure spring mechanism. This new concept frees up the entire blasting chamber and enables the effortless insertion of larger workpieces. Even bulky and heavy parts can be easily inserted with a crane or forklift.

The collecting hopper for the blasting agent enables the blasting agent to be circulated without any additional equipment. The blasting agent control device is used to conveniently regulate and change the blasting material. An injector blasting head with hardened air and blasting nozzle (to be operated manually) as well as a work rack in the unit guarantee extremely straightforward operation.

We have also redesigned the lighting of our blasting cabinets. Instead of the previous strip lights that were arranged in the working area of the cabinet, we have now arranged the lighting outside the cabinet. Reflector lighting illuminates the entire working area intensively and without any glare. At the same time, lamp wear is reduced to a minimum. We now also use reflector bulbs that are extremely energy efficient.

The robust, dust-proof blasting cabinet (powder-coated inside and outside in RAL 7040) is a system for larger and the most demanding applications.
The appealing rectangular design and the uniquely low overall height are further advantages. The unit is supplied complete in the version described, with all the necessary compressed air and blasting hoses, with safety switch (the blasting process stops automatically if the cabinet door is opened), and the blasting process is controlled by a foot switch via a solenoid valve.

Workspace width1000 mm1250 mm1500 mm2000 mm
Workspace depth900 mm900 mm1150 mm1150 mm
Workspace height900 mm900 mm900 mm900 mm
Total width of cabinet1300 mm1500 mm1800 mm2300 mm
Total depth of cabinet1750 mm1750 mm2000 mm2000 mm
Total height of cabinet2200 mm2200 mm2200 mm2200 mm
Weight350 kg410 kg500 kg650 kg

A special construction with 2 star handles, which can be loosened by hand without tools, allows for easy replacement of the pane in the cabinet door.

The work openings are equipped with multiple rubber sleeves which keeps over 99% of the blasting agent and dust inside the cabinet and prevents it from escaping. Alternatively, rubber gloves can be permanently installed.

An air supply control system allows perfect utilisation of the extraction system to extract the dust-laden air in the blasting cabinet, even with fine blasting agents.

The attached main switch with built-in motor protection switch, on/off button, solenoid valve, switch for interior lighting, lockable emergency stop switch, contactor control, built-in pressure reducing valve with pressure gauge for exact adjustment and reading of the blasting pressure and compressed air connections 13 mm (1/2″) meets the most demanding requirements.

For the new technical data (dimensions and weights), please refer to our current offerings.

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