Contract blasting

Sandblasting work

No matter what type of metal, wood, glass or plastic, the possibilities are almost limitless. Even glass decorating and matting is possible.

We will process your workpiece according to your requirements and to your satisfaction. Individual pieces or series are possible. If desired, we can also blast with glass beads.

Furthermore, after sandblasting, we can finish the surface of your parts by powder coating in your desired color.

Sandsteinmauer vor dem Strahlen

Sandstone wall before blasting

Sandsteinmauer nach dem Strahlen

Sandstone wall after blasting

Direct comparison of before/after


Brass blasted with glass beads

Holz gestrahlt

Sandblasted wood

Glastür satiniert
Glasverschönerung durch Logos, Muster oder Komplettsatinierung. Vieles ist Möglich

Glass embellishment with logos, patterns or complete satin finish.
Many finishes are possible.

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